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At EMS Tutoring we always ensure the privacy of our clients and we completely understand that you might be concerned about the use and disclosure of the information you provide us.


Your privacy is very much important to us and the following information will inform you how we collect and use the information.

Collection of information

This is a very crucial part of our service. We might collect both personal and non-personal information from our students.


Personal information includes name, address, contact details, email, guardian details, account information etc. And non-personal information includes domain name, IP address etc.

We never share or sell our data to anyone or any third-party vendor.  Your information is completely safe with us.

Use of information

We use the information mostly for our internal purposes. It helps to build our database and also we make use of the data to improve the usefulness of our website on the whole.


Apart from that, we provide special attention to our customer support cell as well.

Security of information

We follow the standard industry protection system to protect the data of our clients both at the time of transmission and after receiving it.


At the time of receiving sensitive information such as credit card details, the information is encrypted. And other than online, we also protect your information offline as well. We do not disclose any information to anyone unless he or she is not authorized by our clients.

If this is a matter of any legal concern, we have no choice but to share the information with the respective legal department.


We use cookies which is a small piece of data stored in the hard drive of the computer of our site visitor.


This data helps us to identify and improve access to our website.