What To Do After Your A-Level Results.

Considering what to do after you get your A-Level results, and particularly focusing on what to do if you did not get the grades you wanted is crucial to determining your future education, university and career choices.

If you do well enough to get into the desired course of your choice, then you simply have to accept the place at your desired university.

If you did not get the grades for your chosen offer place at university, you may still be able to get a place on the course. You should start by telephoning the university and checking whether you will be allowed onto the course and what your options are. The UCAS Track service can also help you to find out if your university place has been confirmed.

If you miss your first choice, you can still be accepted onto your second choice if you get the adequate grades. You should decide whether you are happy taking a place on that course and that university.

Of course, it's also possible to do better than you expected, in which case you can use the UCAS Adjustment service to find other courses with higher grade requirements, while keeping your original place held for you.

One option, if you missed your grades for your preferred course, is to go through clearing. If you have applied late for university entrance, you will automatically go into clearing as well.

Remember you can only accept one place in clearing, so think carefully and do not rush anything. At the same time, there is competition for places so if you think you will not get your desired A Level grades, start researching alternative courses and alternative universities.

You can always take a gap year and apply again next year, particularly if you want to boost your A Level results with A Level retakes. A Level retakes can allow you to focus on the subjects and units that you struggled in, and you can often jump up 1-3 grades depending on where you start from and how much effort you put in.

A final option would be to get a remark, but this will depend on your A Level unit results. You should speak with your teachers or examination officer for more guidance here.

There are many options for you if you do not get your desired A Level grades, so do not be worried - it is common and you can still find a suitable path into university if you wish.

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