EMS Tutoring in Milton Keynes provides a small group setting supported by one to one attention.

Our English courses are aligned to the National Curriculum and tailored to each child's individual needs.

  • Our expert teachers and tutors will assist your child in being better prepared to face the 11plus, SATs, KS2, KS3, GCSE and A-Level English classroom tests and exams.

  • EMS Tutoring, Milton Keynes Centre,
    We are not a national Business Franchise but the educational arm of a local charity with the best English teachers and tutors who really care about the success of students in our community.

  • Fees are affordable

  • Private Tuition definitely helps to improve exam grades as determined by recent surveys, conducted by various educational groups.

  • We support students from all the local primary and secondary schools in the Milton Keynes area.  No matter where your child is in their studies or their current ability.

  • We support all boards and tiers (Foundation/Higher).  All topics covered, including:

Sentences, proper knowledge of a sentence; its part, division, framing and types.

Clauses: to advance and enhance sentences, to make complex and compound sentences.

Verb forms: tense and usages.  Tenses, parts of speech: noun, pronoun, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition, articles.  Subject-verb agreement.

Punctuation, active-passive voices.  Comprehension.

Shakespeare & the 19th Century Novel, Modern Texts and Poetry.

English Tuition

Making English less difficult.