EMS Tutoring (English, Maths, Science) is the Educational Arm of Friends of the Caribbean (FOTC), we are not a franchise operation, but a local community group helping students attending schools in Milton Keynes. 


Friends of the Caribbean (FOTC) was established twelve years ago and in 2010 gained charity status.


In the past, we have supported other charities, such as Diabetes UK, Prostate Cancer UK, Willen Hospice, Haiti Earthquake Appeal, and others.

Our organisation, in partnership with Stantonbury Campus, has successfully delivered mentoring to youngsters within the 10-16 age group in Milton Keynes. With this experience, we extended our influence in education with the aim to promote and improve scholastic performances, among ethnic minorities, low performing and disadvantaged students in the community.
The goal is to provide support, motivation and inspiration for these students to move onto higher education, enter ‘better’ universities and pursue professional avenues in engineering, business, medicine, etc. In 2015, we launched our tutoring program, providing academic assistance to students (KS2 - GCSE) in English, Maths, Science and students preparing for 11plus grammar school entry exams. 
Recent GCSE results show a general decline in students’ performance - lowest levels since 2008, indicating an even more significant impact among ethnic minorities, low performing and disadvantaged students in our community. 
Our organisation supports students of all backgrounds, but the tutoring effort is highlighted by our concern for the impacted student group. Notwithstanding the recent results, students tutored at EMS Tutoring Centre were very happy with their results, achieving A* - B in the core subjects, English, Maths and Science. We also prepared successful 11 plus students who gained entry to Grammar schools.

EMS Tutoring, provides superb one to one tutoring assistance, boosting confidence, helping students pass exams and significantly improving their academic grades.


We help all levels; 11plus, SATs, KS2, KS3, GCSE, ’A’ level.

Experienced teachers and tutors from among the top academic performers in the Milton Keynes area.
Our tutoring model includes the leadership of experienced teachers who supervise year 13 and university students in assisting the tutees.
This has proven to be a very effective method to build confidence, elevate motivation and most of all it facilitates positive interaction between the tutees and young ‘role models’ who have recently earned exceptional grades in GCSE/A level exams or, are currently attending University.
Our tutors are brilliant at communicating with younger students because – not so long ago – they were going through similar challenges.
EMS Tutoring is recognised by Milton Keynes Council’s Ethnic Minority Achievement (EMA) Network, as one of the supplementary schools in Milton Keynes and noted as serving ethnic minorities and disadvantaged students.
Our efforts are also supported by the MK Community

About us

Personalised one to one tuition.

EMS Tutoring, Milton Keynes provides superb one to one tutoring assistance, helping students pass exams and significantly improving their academic grades in Eleven Plus, KS2 to GCSE, 'A' Level English, Maths and Science.

EMS' students obtain excellent results in Eleven Plus & GCSE A'Level, English, Maths and Science.

We'd love the opportunity to tutor your child and show why our exceptional service sets us apart from the rest of the field.

Passionate about our educational vision.

FOTC Chairman, Mayor of Milton Keynes, FOTC Vice-Chairperson.

Tony Russell

Administrator & Teacher

The FOTC Board Member has been a found administrator of Award-Winning EMS Tutoring since its inception, a number of years ago.

He is a brilliant educator and is an experienced science and maths teacher who serves several secondary schools in the Milton Keynes and surrounding area.  

Dedicated to pushing the vision of better academics through personalised tutoring for children of all abilities, in order to fully realise their academic potential.

Hughie Holness

Student Resources & Academic Mentor

Hughie Holness, the FOTC member is a succesful, retired banker and accounting executive.

Another long term EMS team member, Mr Holness wears many hats; planning, digital student resources person, tutor and academic mentor.

Evident dedication to academic advancement for students in this community.

Orman Griffith


Orman Griffiths, the FOTC committee member is an ardent contributor to EMS educational drive.

A noted historian and curator of African civilisation artefacts. 

Mr Griffiths has recently opened a three month exhibition of original African art and literature in celebration of Black and History month, in Milton Keynes.

A road manager of the world-renown group, Boney M; he hosts a weekly radio broadcast featuring biographies of historic music personalities.

EMS is proud to have Orman as a contributor.

Yvonne Russell

Administrator & Community Liaison

The FOTC board member has been a founding administrator of Award-winning EMS tutoring since its inception a number of years now. 


She is an exciting visionary with long term dedication to the educational success of young people of Afro - Caribbean descent and other ethnic groups.


She has been a long-time advocate of further education for seniors and seeks to find ways to make them comfortable with the use of smartphones, computers and other common devices.


Yvonne also serves EMS as the main community liaison person.

Our charity

Friends of

the Caribbean (FOTC).

Celebrating their 12th anniversary.