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EMS Tutoring Milton, Keynes, provides superb one to one tutoring assistance, helping students pass exams and significantly improving their academic grades in 11plus, KS2 to GCSE  'A' level, English, Maths and Science.  We are not a franchise operation, but a local community charity group helping students from the local schools.  EMS' students obtain excellent results in 11 plus & GCSE A' level, English, Maths and Science. We’d love the opportunity to tutor your child and show why our exceptional service sets us apart from the rest of the field.

       KS2, KS3, SATs, 11plus, GCSE, A level 

All lessons based on the National Curriculum 


                                Rated # 1 (2020) The Best (non-franchised)             Tutoring Service in Milton Keynes

                                                         Why Choose Us:

  • We care about your child - Results after one month - Reasonable fees

  • Highly skilled teachers and tutors - One to one tuition - You can speak directly to our teachers

  • We are not a national business franchise - You can observe our lessons while in session

  • Tuition coordinated with your child's school lessons

EMS Tutoring in Milton Keynes provides a small group setting supported by one to one attention,  Our English courses are aligned to the National Curriculum and tailored to every child's individual needs. From KS2 to GCSE A' level. Our trained teachers and tutors provide tailored guidance working to address the particular areas of difficulty faced by each individual student.

Our expert teachers and tutors will assist your son or daughter in being better prepared to face the 11plus and KS2 to GCSE A' level, Maths classroom tests and exams. EMS tutoring Milton Keynes centre, we have maths teachers and tutors on staff who are experienced in training pupils to obtain good grades in maths and to pass GCSE exam. We support students from all the local primary and secondary schools in the Milton Keynes area.

EMS tutoring employs effective ways that can really make a difference in your child’s understanding of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, at KS2 to GCSE A' level. Our attention to detail and receptiveness to the unique needs of each student ensures success in these challenging subjects. 

11plus Entrance Exam success requires a strong foundation in core Maths and English skills. EMS Tutoring is best in offering training and practice for Milton Keynes area grammar schools. We prepare students for Buckinghamshire’s Secondary Transfer Testing (formerly the 11+) for pupils who will be joining Year 7 in September 2019.), which includes Verbal Reasoning Skills, Mathematical and Non-Verbal Skills. . Numerous surveys have shown that preparation by tutors can significantly boost attainment in the 11plus exams. We provide all testing and practice resources needed to guarantee success.

Homework Help

Whatever stage your child is at, EMS is here to provide English, Maths, and Science tuition that can really make a difference. It is imperative that students keep abreast of current classwork activity, thus completing homework assignments are a must. Our tailored approach includes assisting students with any difficulty or challenge they face in completing their homework assignments. This has proven to be a Hugh motivator for those with special educational needs. It is a fact that good classroom performance earns acknowledgements from teachers and peers, and is a tremendous boost to self-confidence.



                            TUITION PLANS

Based on one 90 minutes tutoring session each week/per student


12 sessions - £375.00 - (3 Monthly direct debit payments of £125.00 )       

Payment in full discount - £360.00


25 sessions - £720.00 - (6 Monthly direct debit payments of £120.00 )       

Payment in full discount - £690.00


40 sessions - £1050.00 - (10 Monthly direct debit payments of £105.00 )

Payment in full discount - £1000.00


 10% Discount for more than one session per week, or for an additional family member.

All resources are included; worksheets, past papers, free IXL  learning platform, learning guides, etc.



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EMS The Education Arm of F.O.T.C.

Friends of the Caribbean (F.O.T.C.) is a registered charity in Milton Keynes. Celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2017. One of their main initiatives is a Supplementary Education Program. EMS /English Maths Science is the educational arm of F.O.T.C., EMS is able to provide superb tutoring services and excellent resources to students in the Milton Keynes community at reduced rates.

"My grades were really bad, I could not keep up with the stuff in lessons, I was in a bottom set. A friend from my church told me about EMS, my mom signed me up. I am now in 2nd set and my expected GCSE grades are 6 - 8. Thank you, Henry and EMS".

Student Josh K.

"I am a school teacher, and my hours don't permit me to spend much needed time assisting my daughter who is preparing for the 11plus exam. She is tutored at EMS and I have seen an amazing improvement in her academic aptitude since she was enrolled 3 months ago."

Sophia Kravitz

"I was referred to EMS by the parent of one of their students. My daughter has always struggled with maths. After being tutored at EMS for 7 months my daughter's attitude and aptitude towards math has greatly improved. She recently surprised me with a remark 'maths is easy' she said. I was shocked.   She will be taking her GCSE exams in a few months. Thank you EMS".

Nadia D.


"I found out about EMS Tutoring with a quick Google search, and I couldn’t have been more satisfied. They were fast, friendly, and super professional from the moment we got started."

Glenn W.


The Point, Ground Floor, 602 Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes, MK9 3NB



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